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7DRL challenge 2007 - 2007 7DRL challenge information on roguebasin.

Acorn Arcade - The best RISC OS gaming site on teh interwebs!!!
Acorn Arcade free games section - A collection of now-free games hosted by Acorn Arcade.
Acorn Evolution - RISC OS news and forums
Acorn User - Despite eating Acorn Computing and Acorn Archimedes World, this magazine refuses to get any better, thicker, or cheaper.
AcornSearch - RISC OS search engine type thing. Now been taken over by drobe.
AirQuake - The good old AirQuake mod
alt.adjective.noun.verb.verb.verb - alt.homelike.page.home.page.home of what's undeniably the best alternative newsgroup on the net
ArcEm - A cross-platform A400 emulator.
asylum.acornarcade.com - Downloads of the games Asylum and Oddball, and related utilites

Badger Badger Badger - Hypnoticly hilarious flash animation
bash.org - A mammoth collection of funny quotes from IRC. No doubt some are fakes, but there are plenty of corkers.
BeagleBoard.org - That ARM-based dev board I foolishly decided to port RISC OS to.
Blood - A classic gorefest. If you check round on The Underdogs you should be able to find a copy of it available to download
Botman - Author of the HPB Bot for Half-Life
BrainMung - Mentally disturbed flash animation stuff, yet strangely compelling... And now highly non-existent.
BWGame - Official website for Black & White

C-INTERCAL - The (current) C-INTERCAL homepage, as well as the CLC-INTERCAL and DD/SH homepage.
Cajun bot - A Doom bot
Castle Technology - RISC OS hardware manufacturers
Chemical Existence - Yet Another Fancy-Graphics And No Originality HL Mod (TM)
Chocky's UNIX ports - Peter Naulls' initiative to port UNIX programs to RISC OS
ChroniX Radio - Probably the best Internet radio station out there
Code Craft #3 - Icebird's website, the home of the 3rd CodeCraft competition
Coder's Cauldron - An extinct RISC OS programming website
Coffee's AI Cafe - A site about Quake coding
Counter-Strike.net - Home page for the 'popular' Half-Life mod
Creation 1KB demo - 1KB shader demo, see my RISC OS conversion
CTF Bot - A bot for Quake Threewave CTF. Unfortunately captured.com who used to host it are no more, and all that's left is this very old version lurking on FTP archives
Cube IMDB entry - Yes, I even link to IMDB from here!

Dark Matter - My presently abandoned attempt at writing an Elite clone thing.
David Llewellyn-Jones' home page - Home of, amongst other things, the 32bit version of Henrik's VNC server.
David Madore's Quine Page - A large and comprehensive about quines and quine theory
Day Of Defeat - Yet another HL combat mod
Dictionary.com definition of Googol - Exactly what it says on the tin.
Digital Works - A digital circuit simulator. The (demo) version I used seemed OK, except for the perpetually annoying tristate-over-subcircuit bug
Discussion about software-based measurement of BeagleBoard power consumption - Exactly what it says on the tin.
DJQuake - Marvelous Quake humour
Doombot - A Doom bot
DooMworld - Doom news and resources
Download Accelerator - A PC download manager thingy
Drobe - RISC OS news/resources/kitchen sinks

eBaum's World - Various flash animations, games, and other stuff to do when goofing off
ElectrEm tools page - Home of the MakeUEF and FreeUEF utilities.
Electronic Liberation Front - Quake mod site, featuring such great mods as the 3D RTS 'Defeat in Detail'. Download it now, fool! (Assuming the links to fileplanet work, that is)
Encounters With Llamas - A great TFC comedy site which sadly closed down a few years ago. Note that the mirror this link goes to has some of the links pointing to the old site address, so you'll have to do a bit of URL fiddling to actually navigate.

FastQCC - One of the fastest Quake C compilers around
Fiend Hunter 1 - A great Quake mod, but the next update looks like it'll be when TF2 gets released. The current version is chock full of bugs.
Fiend Hunter 1 V0.62 downloads - Archived copies of the FH1 0.62 downloads! No more broken 0.64 engine mooseness! (Well, broken on old video cards at least)
Film At 11 - A Quake demo editor
Firearms - An 'original' Half-Life mod
FRAPS - Video capture program to record the images displayed on your monitor
Frik Bot X - A great Quake bot designed to be easy to add to mods
Frontline Force - An 'original' Half-Life mod
ftp.cdrom.com archives - ftp.cdrom.com used to be the best place on the net to get Doom and Quake stuff, until it lost out to individual home pages and the vast GameSpy network. Now it's been taken over by someone else, but the games archives are mirrored by the folks at 3D Gamers :)

GCC for RISC OS - The current home of the RISC OS GCC SDK
Getright - Another PC download manager thing, and the one I use
GLDoom - OpenGL Doom!
Gold Cup Beta - An updated version of Quake Rally
Google - Mother of all search engines
GOURANGA! - One of the best and longest running GTA news sites around
GTA3 - Grand Theft Auto in 3D, and not written as a dodgy Quake mod.
GTA: VC - The spamtastic sequel-thingy to GTA3

Half-Life Radio - An internet radio station about Half-Life
Half-Life.net - Used to be a news site, but now looks like it's been bought up by Valve
Henrik Bjerregaard Pedersen's home page - Home of, amongst other things, the original RISC OS vncserv.
HL Rally - Like many Half-Life mods nowadays, they decided to release the mod when it was 'finished'. Which invariably means that it never gets released. Unlike most Quake mods, which are released a lot earlier. And are more original. And in case you couldn't tell, that's a 'Quake mods are cool!' rant for all those people playing HL :p
Holy Wars - A fun HL mod
House of Mabel - Richard Goodwin's House of Mabel, featuring a spiffy computer museum.

Ian Bell's Elite pages - The elite webpage of one of the original authors of BBC Elite. Contains lots of information and downloads for the early Elites.
Info-ZIP homepage - Home of the command-line zip and unzip utilities.
info.gamedesign.net - A TFC mapping site
Inform homepage - Homepage of the Inform/Z-machine Interactive Fiction language

James Peacock's home page - Home of, amongst other things, the !Avalance VNC client.

Koepi's site - Including XviD binaries for Windows

Logisim - A free digital circuit simulator written in Java. Probably not the best for large projects though.

M3 Wrapup - Don't know what M3 is? Well I didn't either until a few weeks ago. M3 was the greatest of all LAN parties, as this write up clearly shows.
Maemo QEMU - A version of QEMU for emulating Maemo-based devices.
MicroDigital - (Allegedly) RISC OS hardware manufacturers
Milkshape 3D - A model file editor
Milkshape 3D Half-Life plugin - A plugin for Milkshape to provide support for Half-Life models
Minion - A Chess like game
MTA - GTA:SA multiplayer? Hell yes!
mtve's befunge site - The Befunge section of mtve's site. Whoever mtve is, that is :|
Muppetlabs INTERCAL pages - The grandaddy of esoteric programming languages.
My rant on EwL - A teamplay rant I submitted to Encounters With Llamas, including a mistake to show that no-one proof reads them :p Don't forget that there's a local copy here.

Nehahra - A stonking 200MB Quake TC
Neil Manke - Author of some stonking HL mods, including the They Hunger series
NetHack - A descendant of Rogue, NetHack is a classic ASCII dungeon romp
NetSurf - An open-source web browser for RISC OS.
NEWGROUNDS - Possibly the largest collection of flash animations, games, and other funny stuff on the 'net
Noise To Signal - Some website thing that I've for some reason started writing for.
NOTBBC - Does exactly what it says on the tin.
nutshells - Wiki-type software/links database for RISC OS

Oak Draw - A program useful for viewing RISC OS Draw Files on PC's
Official TF2 website - The sequel to TFC/Quake TF. It'll be out this millenium, honest!
ofla.info - Well f*ck me, it's launched!

Pain Keep - One of the best Quake DM mods around, now for Quake 3 too
Pakker - A quake PAK file editor
Pi URL - A 60 character domain name dedicated to Pi. Although it's older than my site (it was registered in Sep 2001), the domain name isn't as long :)
PicoDrive - A RISC OS port of the PicoDrive MegaDrive emulator.
PJSF Funge-98 interpreter - A Funge-98 interpreter written in Java Script. Be warned though, as the site seems to have reached the end of its contract and is being advertised as for sale.
Planet Black & White - News and resources for the God sim
Planet Half-Life - Half-Life news and resources
Planet Quake turns four - The four-year version of the "Two year revolution" article
PlanetQuake - Quake news and resources

Q The Music - Original home of QTMModule, before it moved here
qemu-omap3 - A version of QEMU for emulating OMAP3 based devices.
qME - A quake model editor
Quake Rally - Quake Rally, in Quake I and Quake III flavours

R-Comp Interactive - Sellers of RISC OS ports of Quake and Doom, among other things
Reaper Bots - The classic Quake bot
Reaper Bots for Pain Keep - A bot for Pain Keep
Red Squirrel - A free Acorn emulator for PC's. Its bigger brother, Virtual Acorn, is available commercially and features JIT and a copy of the RISC OS 3 ROMs
Reflections on trusting trust - A great article (From 1984, would you believe) about the dangers of what people can do to compilers to make them transparently introduce code to, e.g., bypass password protection routines. All without the compiler sources being modified.
ReMaic Studio - A Quake demo editor, the one I use
Rich Whitehouse - Author of Tsumi to Botsu (an engine bot for Slide Quake), and the author of the Jumbot/Scientist Hunt Half-Life mods
RISC OS is we! - Drastically neglected spoof RISC OS news site
RISC OS Ltd - The maintaners of RISC OS 4, in danger of becoming redundant now that RISC OS 5 has emerged...
RISC OS Open - The RISC OS 5 source code, and the die-hard fans trying to maintain it.
RiscPkg - Package management for RISC OS.
Rocket Crowbar - Now *this* is what HL mods should be like!

Science & Industry - A great Half-Life mod
Slide Quake - Another great Quake mod
Steve Harrison - The website of Steve Harrison (aka Phoenix)
StrongEd - A great RISC OS text editor, unlike it's 'really good' rival !Zop.
Sudoku - Definition of Sudoku at Wikipedia
Sven Coop - The only HL coop mod?

tfc.pcgame.com - An unupdated TFC site, but still has some useful info
The birthplace of Befunge - Exactly what it says on the tin.
The definition of Google - The definition of Googol according to a sight that can't spel proparly.
The IconBar - RISC OS news/resources
The IconBar forum search - TIBSearch is dead, long live TIBSearch!
The Opera - A great Half-Life mod
The Sims - Perpetually popular people simulator from Maxis
The Two-Year Revolution - A great article detailing GameSpy and PlanetQuake's rise to fame. Also check out the half-dead original version if you want to go retro ;)
The Underdogs - A website dedicated to the unsung heroes of computer games. Go send them cash, 'cos they need it to survive!
Thomas Milius's computer page - Home of IntelDMA, amongst other things.
Tomaz Quake - A great Quake engine
Topix's software - Software from the Topix demo group
TransFusion - Blood rebuilt using the Quake engine. Yummy.
TSL - Telnet Scripting Language (TSL) sourceforge pages.

Ultimate Rally - An updated version of Quake Rally

Valve ERC - A Half-Life mapping site

W3C link checker - A handy-dandy link checker for websites, which is probably going to save me the hassle of having to write my own one to manage this lot.
Wally - A PC texture editor for a whole host of games
Wanted! - A great Half-Life mod
weebls stuff - Yet more flash animations and stuff
Worldcraft 1.6 shareware - The last (legally) available copy of Worldcraft for Quake 1/2
Worldcraft 3.3 - The version of Worldcraft for Half-Life. Version 3.4 is knocking round somewhere as well, even though that page doesn't currently show it

XviD - Free MPEG 4 encoder/decoder

Your Path Of Destruction - A Doom mod for Quake - go go go! Get get get!

ZDoom - Updated and improved Doom engine
Zerstorer - One of the best single player Quake mods there are.

Page last modified 03/03/2005