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Acorn Arcade - The best RISC OS gaming site on teh interwebs!!!

Cajun bot - A Doom bot

Doombot - A Doom bot
DooMworld - Doom news and resources

ftp.cdrom.com archives - ftp.cdrom.com used to be the best place on the net to get Doom and Quake stuff, until it lost out to individual home pages and the vast GameSpy network. Now it's been taken over by someone else, but the games archives are mirrored by the folks at 3D Gamers :)

GLDoom - OpenGL Doom!
Google - Mother of all search engines

R-Comp Interactive - Sellers of RISC OS ports of Quake and Doom, among other things

Wally - A PC texture editor for a whole host of games

Your Path Of Destruction - A Doom mod for Quake - go go go! Get get get!

ZDoom - Updated and improved Doom engine

Page last modified 03/03/2005