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C-INTERCAL - The (current) C-INTERCAL homepage, as well as the CLC-INTERCAL and DD/SH homepage.
Code Craft #3 - Icebird's website, the home of the 3rd CodeCraft competition

David Madore's Quine Page - A large and comprehensive about quines and quine theory
Dictionary.com definition of Googol - Exactly what it says on the tin.

Google - Mother of all search engines

mtve's befunge site - The Befunge section of mtve's site. Whoever mtve is, that is :|
Muppetlabs INTERCAL pages - The grandaddy of esoteric programming languages.

PJSF Funge-98 interpreter - A Funge-98 interpreter written in Java Script. Be warned though, as the site seems to have reached the end of its contract and is being advertised as for sale.

Reflections on trusting trust - A great article (From 1984, would you believe) about the dangers of what people can do to compilers to make them transparently introduce code to, e.g., bypass password protection routines. All without the compiler sources being modified.

Sudoku - Definition of Sudoku at Wikipedia

The birthplace of Befunge - Exactly what it says on the tin.
The definition of Google - The definition of Googol according to a sight that can't spel proparly.

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