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Here you'll find a few of my Doom levels to download, and a link to RCI's website so you can go buy Doom for your lovable RISC OS machine. 'nuff said, really.

(hme.zip, 61,369 bytes)

Hell Meets Earth

A lurvely single player level, based around a dream I had once (Yes, I am weird :p). Won 1st place in the Acorn User Doom level designing competition, and should be plenty of fun to play in single player, coop or deathmatch.

(tpe.zip, 53,034 bytes)

The Pain Element

This was written before HME, and starting out is definitely a lot harder. It was also entered into the Acorn User competition, and gained 6th place. My advice for you is to head straight for the chainsaw... if you can find it :). Includes deathmatch start places, and has a Quake conversion, albeit in a cut-down form.

(j3.zip, 28,862 bytes)

Some deathmatch level

As the name suggests, it's a deathmatch level. Like a few of my Quake ones, it's multi-style.

Page last modified 03/03/2005