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Quake Single player levels

J1 - The Arena

screenshot screenshot screenshot
(j1.zip, 122,726 bytes)

A stadium/colleseum type arena, where you must fight to the death against monsters of increasing difficulty. May be useful in training up players. Forgive the incredibly bad 'audience' texture (actually borrowed from one of the lost deathmatch levels), since I was concentrating more on making it play well than look good (Not that I did much/any gameplay tweaking, as I recall...). Works in deathmatch.

J2 - The Pain Element

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot
(j2.zip, 378,700 bytes)

The Quake version of my Doom level by the same name. Doesn't have the large underground cavern due to WorldCraft playing up, so the structure of play is different. Works in deathmatch.

J3 - An unfinished level

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot
No download, since it is so early in development there isn't much point.

J4 - Trap Land (Also unfinished)

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot
An experimental level, designed to be full of fiendish traps. Didn't get finished though.

  • The first trap you'll find is more of an optical illusion; A door in the middle of nowhere (i.e. you see nothing if you walk behind it, and can in fact walk right round it), yet if you open it you see a passage (Which you can walk along and into the next area). Worked by a trigger infront of the door causing the passageway to lower from the ceiling. The passage and the hidden door which the passage leads to all have sky texture on the outside edges, so that you can't see where they are.
  • Next you have a choice: The left door, or the right door. However both lead to death; what you were meant to do was to notice the secret door on the way in, and go through that instead.
  • Bog standard sliding floor trap to reveal a pool of lava
  • A squishing trap: When you reach a certain point of a corridor, one (intentionally obvious) wall will start to close in to crush you. You can't run forwards to escape it, so you have to go back. The wall itself is hollow, and has a passage running through it so that you can get to the other side when it's moved into position.
  • A wind tunnel running through a corridor, and pushing you into some lava - you must dash across the corridor in order to make it.
  • A slate, should you stand still and wait for a slow door to open instead of getting out the way
  • And finally three bridges - one leads to a cage which will close round you, one is an illusion, and the other will fall away if you cross it too slowly.

Page last modified 03/03/2005