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7DRL challenge 2007 - 2007 7DRL challenge information on roguebasin.

Acorn Arcade - The best RISC OS gaming site on teh interwebs!!!
AcornSearch - RISC OS search engine type thing. Now been taken over by drobe.
ArcEm - A cross-platform A400 emulator.
asylum.acornarcade.com - Downloads of the games Asylum and Oddball, and related utilites

BeagleBoard.org - That ARM-based dev board I foolishly decided to port RISC OS to.

C-INTERCAL - The (current) C-INTERCAL homepage, as well as the CLC-INTERCAL and DD/SH homepage.
Chocky's UNIX ports - Peter Naulls' initiative to port UNIX programs to RISC OS
Code Craft #3 - Icebird's website, the home of the 3rd CodeCraft competition
Coder's Cauldron - An extinct RISC OS programming website
Coffee's AI Cafe - A site about Quake coding
Creation 1KB demo - 1KB shader demo, see my RISC OS conversion

Dark Matter - My presently abandoned attempt at writing an Elite clone thing.
David Llewellyn-Jones' home page - Home of, amongst other things, the 32bit version of Henrik's VNC server.
David Madore's Quine Page - A large and comprehensive about quines and quine theory
Digital Works - A digital circuit simulator. The (demo) version I used seemed OK, except for the perpetually annoying tristate-over-subcircuit bug
Discussion about software-based measurement of BeagleBoard power consumption - Exactly what it says on the tin.

ElectrEm tools page - Home of the MakeUEF and FreeUEF utilities.
Electronic Liberation Front - Quake mod site, featuring such great mods as the 3D RTS 'Defeat in Detail'. Download it now, fool! (Assuming the links to fileplanet work, that is)

FastQCC - One of the fastest Quake C compilers around
Film At 11 - A Quake demo editor
Frik Bot X - A great Quake bot designed to be easy to add to mods
ftp.cdrom.com archives - ftp.cdrom.com used to be the best place on the net to get Doom and Quake stuff, until it lost out to individual home pages and the vast GameSpy network. Now it's been taken over by someone else, but the games archives are mirrored by the folks at 3D Gamers :)

GCC for RISC OS - The current home of the RISC OS GCC SDK
Google - Mother of all search engines

Henrik Bjerregaard Pedersen's home page - Home of, amongst other things, the original RISC OS vncserv.

Info-ZIP homepage - Home of the command-line zip and unzip utilities.
info.gamedesign.net - A TFC mapping site
Inform homepage - Homepage of the Inform/Z-machine Interactive Fiction language

James Peacock's home page - Home of, amongst other things, the !Avalance VNC client.

Koepi's site - Including XviD binaries for Windows

Logisim - A free digital circuit simulator written in Java. Probably not the best for large projects though.

Maemo QEMU - A version of QEMU for emulating Maemo-based devices.
Milkshape 3D - A model file editor
Milkshape 3D Half-Life plugin - A plugin for Milkshape to provide support for Half-Life models
mtve's befunge site - The Befunge section of mtve's site. Whoever mtve is, that is :|
Muppetlabs INTERCAL pages - The grandaddy of esoteric programming languages.

NetHack - A descendant of Rogue, NetHack is a classic ASCII dungeon romp
NetSurf - An open-source web browser for RISC OS.
nutshells - Wiki-type software/links database for RISC OS

Pakker - A quake PAK file editor
PJSF Funge-98 interpreter - A Funge-98 interpreter written in Java Script. Be warned though, as the site seems to have reached the end of its contract and is being advertised as for sale.

qemu-omap3 - A version of QEMU for emulating OMAP3 based devices.
qME - A quake model editor

Reflections on trusting trust - A great article (From 1984, would you believe) about the dangers of what people can do to compilers to make them transparently introduce code to, e.g., bypass password protection routines. All without the compiler sources being modified.
ReMaic Studio - A Quake demo editor, the one I use
RISC OS Open - The RISC OS 5 source code, and the die-hard fans trying to maintain it.
RiscPkg - Package management for RISC OS.

Steve Harrison - The website of Steve Harrison (aka Phoenix)

The birthplace of Befunge - Exactly what it says on the tin.
Thomas Milius's computer page - Home of IntelDMA, amongst other things.
Topix's software - Software from the Topix demo group
TSL - Telnet Scripting Language (TSL) sourceforge pages.

Valve ERC - A Half-Life mapping site

W3C link checker - A handy-dandy link checker for websites, which is probably going to save me the hassle of having to write my own one to manage this lot.
Wally - A PC texture editor for a whole host of games
Worldcraft 1.6 shareware - The last (legally) available copy of Worldcraft for Quake 1/2
Worldcraft 3.3 - The version of Worldcraft for Half-Life. Version 3.4 is knocking round somewhere as well, even though that page doesn't currently show it

XviD - Free MPEG 4 encoder/decoder

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