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Acorn Arcade - The best RISC OS gaming site on teh interwebs!!!
Acorn Evolution - RISC OS news and forums
Acorn User - Despite eating Acorn Computing and Acorn Archimedes World, this magazine refuses to get any better, thicker, or cheaper.
alt.adjective.noun.verb.verb.verb - alt.homelike.page.home.page.home of what's undeniably the best alternative newsgroup on the net

BWGame - Official website for Black & White

Counter-Strike.net - Home page for the 'popular' Half-Life mod

DooMworld - Doom news and resources
Drobe - RISC OS news/resources/kitchen sinks

Encounters With Llamas - A great TFC comedy site which sadly closed down a few years ago. Note that the mirror this link goes to has some of the links pointing to the old site address, so you'll have to do a bit of URL fiddling to actually navigate.

Google - Mother of all search engines
GOURANGA! - One of the best and longest running GTA news sites around
GTA3 - Grand Theft Auto in 3D, and not written as a dodgy Quake mod.
GTA: VC - The spamtastic sequel-thingy to GTA3

Half-Life.net - Used to be a news site, but now looks like it's been bought up by Valve

Noise To Signal - Some website thing that I've for some reason started writing for.
NOTBBC - Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Planet Black & White - News and resources for the God sim
Planet Half-Life - Half-Life news and resources
PlanetQuake - Quake news and resources

RISC OS is we! - Drastically neglected spoof RISC OS news site

The IconBar - RISC OS news/resources
The Underdogs - A website dedicated to the unsung heroes of computer games. Go send them cash, 'cos they need it to survive!

Page last modified 03/03/2005