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Acorn Arcade - The best RISC OS gaming site on teh interwebs!!!
Acorn Arcade free games section - A collection of now-free games hosted by Acorn Arcade.
Acorn Evolution - RISC OS news and forums
Acorn User - Despite eating Acorn Computing and Acorn Archimedes World, this magazine refuses to get any better, thicker, or cheaper.
AcornSearch - RISC OS search engine type thing. Now been taken over by drobe.
ArcEm - A cross-platform A400 emulator.
asylum.acornarcade.com - Downloads of the games Asylum and Oddball, and related utilites

BeagleBoard.org - That ARM-based dev board I foolishly decided to port RISC OS to.

Castle Technology - RISC OS hardware manufacturers
Chocky's UNIX ports - Peter Naulls' initiative to port UNIX programs to RISC OS
Code Craft #3 - Icebird's website, the home of the 3rd CodeCraft competition
Coder's Cauldron - An extinct RISC OS programming website

Dark Matter - My presently abandoned attempt at writing an Elite clone thing.
David Llewellyn-Jones' home page - Home of, amongst other things, the 32bit version of Henrik's VNC server.
Discussion about software-based measurement of BeagleBoard power consumption - Exactly what it says on the tin.
Drobe - RISC OS news/resources/kitchen sinks

GCC for RISC OS - The current home of the RISC OS GCC SDK
Google - Mother of all search engines

Henrik Bjerregaard Pedersen's home page - Home of, amongst other things, the original RISC OS vncserv.
House of Mabel - Richard Goodwin's House of Mabel, featuring a spiffy computer museum.

Ian Bell's Elite pages - The elite webpage of one of the original authors of BBC Elite. Contains lots of information and downloads for the early Elites.
Info-ZIP homepage - Home of the command-line zip and unzip utilities.
Inform homepage - Homepage of the Inform/Z-machine Interactive Fiction language

James Peacock's home page - Home of, amongst other things, the !Avalance VNC client.

MicroDigital - (Allegedly) RISC OS hardware manufacturers

NetSurf - An open-source web browser for RISC OS.
nutshells - Wiki-type software/links database for RISC OS

Oak Draw - A program useful for viewing RISC OS Draw Files on PC's
ofla.info - Well f*ck me, it's launched!

PicoDrive - A RISC OS port of the PicoDrive MegaDrive emulator.

Q The Music - Original home of QTMModule, before it moved here

R-Comp Interactive - Sellers of RISC OS ports of Quake and Doom, among other things
Red Squirrel - A free Acorn emulator for PC's. Its bigger brother, Virtual Acorn, is available commercially and features JIT and a copy of the RISC OS 3 ROMs
RISC OS is we! - Drastically neglected spoof RISC OS news site
RISC OS Ltd - The maintaners of RISC OS 4, in danger of becoming redundant now that RISC OS 5 has emerged...
RISC OS Open - The RISC OS 5 source code, and the die-hard fans trying to maintain it.
RiscPkg - Package management for RISC OS.

Steve Harrison - The website of Steve Harrison (aka Phoenix)
StrongEd - A great RISC OS text editor, unlike it's 'really good' rival !Zop.

The IconBar - RISC OS news/resources
The IconBar forum search - TIBSearch is dead, long live TIBSearch!
Thomas Milius's computer page - Home of IntelDMA, amongst other things.
Topix's software - Software from the Topix demo group

Page last modified 03/03/2005