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Botman - Author of the HPB Bot for Half-Life

Chemical Existence - Yet Another Fancy-Graphics And No Originality HL Mod (TM)
Counter-Strike.net - Home page for the 'popular' Half-Life mod

Day Of Defeat - Yet another HL combat mod

Encounters With Llamas - A great TFC comedy site which sadly closed down a few years ago. Note that the mirror this link goes to has some of the links pointing to the old site address, so you'll have to do a bit of URL fiddling to actually navigate.

Firearms - An 'original' Half-Life mod
Frontline Force - An 'original' Half-Life mod
ftp.cdrom.com archives - ftp.cdrom.com used to be the best place on the net to get Doom and Quake stuff, until it lost out to individual home pages and the vast GameSpy network. Now it's been taken over by someone else, but the games archives are mirrored by the folks at 3D Gamers :)

Google - Mother of all search engines

Half-Life Radio - An internet radio station about Half-Life
Half-Life.net - Used to be a news site, but now looks like it's been bought up by Valve
HL Rally - Like many Half-Life mods nowadays, they decided to release the mod when it was 'finished'. Which invariably means that it never gets released. Unlike most Quake mods, which are released a lot earlier. And are more original. And in case you couldn't tell, that's a 'Quake mods are cool!' rant for all those people playing HL :p
Holy Wars - A fun HL mod

info.gamedesign.net - A TFC mapping site

Milkshape 3D - A model file editor
Milkshape 3D Half-Life plugin - A plugin for Milkshape to provide support for Half-Life models
My rant on EwL - A teamplay rant I submitted to Encounters With Llamas, including a mistake to show that no-one proof reads them :p Don't forget that there's a local copy here.

Neil Manke - Author of some stonking HL mods, including the They Hunger series

Official TF2 website - The sequel to TFC/Quake TF. It'll be out this millenium, honest!

Planet Half-Life - Half-Life news and resources

Rich Whitehouse - Author of Tsumi to Botsu (an engine bot for Slide Quake), and the author of the Jumbot/Scientist Hunt Half-Life mods
Rocket Crowbar - Now *this* is what HL mods should be like!

Science & Industry - A great Half-Life mod
Sven Coop - The only HL coop mod?

tfc.pcgame.com - An unupdated TFC site, but still has some useful info
The Opera - A great Half-Life mod

Valve ERC - A Half-Life mapping site

Wally - A PC texture editor for a whole host of games
Wanted! - A great Half-Life mod
Worldcraft 3.3 - The version of Worldcraft for Half-Life. Version 3.4 is knocking round somewhere as well, even though that page doesn't currently show it

Page last modified 03/03/2005