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Jump Vice

20MB XviD video: jumpvice.zip (20,081,588 bytes)
... or 50MB XviD video: jumpvice50.zip (51,022,492 bytes)
... or source replay files: jumpvicerep.zip (7,874,013 bytes)

Heard of that new sport called Free Running? Where people jump from rooftop from rooftop in towns and cities? Well now it's come to GTA, in the form of taxi jumping. Jump Vice is my first taxi jumping video (If not the first ever), and features me on a trip from north Downtown to the south end of the Docks - without touching the street once.

For a couple of jumps I had to bend the rules and use some strategically parked Packers, and at one part I even had to resort to using a helicopter to skip two buildings that are simply impossible to get ontop of.

screenshot screenshot

Several of the other jumps were only just doable as it is - it's a miracle I managed to get so far without using the helicopter elsewhere. And of course the local gang population caused no end of problems while trying to film some parts of the video.

The action can be seen in two versions: The filmed, edited & encoded XviD video - jumpvice50.zip (51,022,492 bytes)
... or the 26 replay files the action comes from - jumpvicerep.zip (7,874,013 bytes).

Those without the XviD codec can grab the source from the XviD website, or some Windows binaries from Koepi's site.

I was originally planning on doing a second version of Jump Vice, either based on a trip across the eastern island or a re-filming of the first video using live action footage where possible. Unfortunately getting further south than the police station in Vice Point appears to be impossible, and recording using FRAPS while performing jumps results in the taxi not jumping as high as it should and thus making many of the jumps impossible :-/

Page last modified 16/03/2005