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GTA: VC demos

To play these demos, extract them to your 'GTA Vice City User Files' folder (found in My Documents), rename them to 'replay.rep', start/load a game, and then hit F3.

Floating car

float.zip (324,622 bytes)

During a stunt gone bad, I managed to jump out of a car while it was rolling through the air, and to my surprise the car stopped dead with me stood ontop. I was able to jump off the car and back onto safe land, and then proceeded to shoot at the car - at which point it fell back into the water.


Becoming a passenger

passenger.zip (330,523 bytes)

Here's a demo showing how you can become a passenger in a doorless car, such as a golf cart. The directions are:

  1. Find a doorless car with someone in it
  2. Chuck them out, and get in the car yourself
  3. Make sure that they're trying to take the car back off of you
  4. Drive around very slowly, e.g. by using the handbrake or holding both the forwards and backwards keys at the same time
  5. When the pedestrian gets back into the car, they'll take over the driving and you'll be left as a passenger

You'll then be able to sit in the car and watch as they drive around the city. Luckily, you're still able to get out of the car.

Page last modified 03/03/2005