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WOUM library

29/02/2008 release: woum.zip (591,650 bytes)

WOUM is a collection of reusable GNU C and assembler code I've been working on over the past three years or so. It contains code for fixed point maths, 3D graphics, WIMP programming, fast sprite plotting, debugging, profiling, and much more. All the code is 26/32bit neutral, and should compile fine on GCC 3.4.6 release 3 for RISC OS (or later). WOUM is actually an acronym, standing for Write Once Use Many. It's my hope that after finishing writing most of the code in WOUM (particularly the ever-evil sprite plotters), I won't have to write any more similar code for a long time.

WOUM consits of three main parts:

  • WOUM, the main code library. This covers 3D/fixed point maths, 3D rendering, debugging, data structures, error handling, and anything else I decide might be useful.
  • GnarlPlot, the fast sprite plotting routines. The GnarlPlot specification is fairly abstract, allowing the same sprite operations to work on RISC OS screen banks, RISC OS sprites, Gnarl Plot sprites, and any user created sprite formats. Run-time compilation allows sprites in any of the built in formats to be plotted to any suitable frame buffer, without adding several hundred kb of code to the library or requiring me to write hundreds of sprite plotters myself.
  • LimpX, a WIMP library written in C, designed to take a lot of the hassle out of making WIMP programs.

All of the above is now licensed under the GPL v3.

Page last modified 29/02/2008