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Typo modules

typo.zip (7,636 bytes). Suitable for RISC OS 3 and above. RISC OS 5 incompatible.

BASIC source code to 6 different and thoroughly pointless modules which do various things to the keyboard input:

  • typo1_src
    Adds 1 to the ASCII value of each character entered.
  • typo2_src
    Allows the user to map one character to the other; default operation is to output 'NOW I KNOW THE ALPHABET!!!' when the user types the alphabet in upper-case letters.
  • typo3_src
    Repeats the same message ad infinitum as keys on the keyboard are pressed.
  • typo4_src
    As typo3, but with a different message displayed once before the repeated one begins.
  • typo5_src
    An entirely different module, which acts on characters written to screen. It converts them to ofla vision!
  • typorot_src
    A module that ROT13's the text you enter.

Page last modified 03/03/2005