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skopt - Some Kind Of Packaging Tool

V0.1.0 (21/10/2018): skopt_0.1.0-1.zip (285,948 bytes) or source code skopt_0.1.0-1_src.zip (19,899 bytes). Suitable for RISC OS 3 and above.

skopt is a command-line tool that's intended to be used for automating some aspects of preparing RiscPkg packages and indexes for distribution. There are two main functions that it provides:

  • The ability to copy an arbitrarily-named package file to a destination folder, while also renaming it to a canonical form
  • The ability to generate assorted types of repository / distribution metadata files, by scanning folder(s) containing packages

Expect more features to be added in future releases.

Page last modified 03/11/2018