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NetHack for RISC OS

nh343r3.zip (1,206,917 bytes). Suitable for RISC OS 3.5 and above.

This is release 3 of my NetHack port. It's 26/32bit neutral, so should run fine on RISC OS 5. This release features no less than 11 updates, which my port has been in need of for so long that I might as well just go shoot myself now.

  • Replaced the usleep() timed delay function with my own version, since the UnixLib one seems to kill the computer every so often.
  • Improved the random number seeding a bit. There is actually some code in NetHack to seed the generator, but for some reason it didn't appear to be working before.
  • Changed riscosmain.c so that the -D option forces wizard mode, instead of trying to check your Unix login name.
  • Fixed bones files; NetHack will now generate and load them, unlike before.
  • Tweaked the !Run file to save & restore the UnixFS$/etc, TERM, and UnixEnv$TERM system variables, to (hopefully) remove any clashes with other UnixLib programs.
  • Upped the minimum specs to RISC OS 3.5.
  • Added a copy of 'recover' to the release.
  • Removed the dependency on the HOME (or UnixEnv$HOME) system variables.
  • NetHack should no longer change the currently selected directory when run.
  • ^C now performs the same action as ^Q and #quit (and currently Escape), i.e. to quit the game. It won't (and probably never will) operate under all circumstances like it does on other platforms, since Escape is meant to do its job under RISC OS.
  • Added some simple support for suspending NetHack by ^Z.

I've managed to get a score of over 81,000 points using this version, so it should be bug-free :)

Old releases and source code

Release numberGame versionBinarySource
33.4.3nh343r3.zip (1,206,917 bytes)nh343r3s.zip (3,529,223 bytes)
23.4.3nh343r2.zip (1,146,315 bytes)nh343r2s.zip (3,514,893 bytes)
13.4.1nh341r1.zip (1,128,564 bytes)nh341r1s.zip (3,454,531 bytes)
03.4.1nh341r0.zip (1,115,872 bytes)nh341r0s.zip (3,449,384 bytes)
-13.4.1nh341-1.zip (1,118,384 bytes)(none)

Page last modified 03/03/2005