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Heroes of Might and Magic 2 levels

homm2.zip (161,379 bytes)

A few HOMM2 levels made by me:

  • J1: The 4 continents
    A small level with 4 continents and 4 players
  • J2: Macbeth
    A level based around 'that play'; the classic battle between Macbeth and Macduff, but who will win this time? (2 players, large)
  • J3: Domination
    A random map of 6 islands, of which only 2 have castles. (6 players, extra large)
  • J4: Britain
    England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland and the Isle Of Man - who will rule Britain? Note that the Isle Of Man starts of with some ghosts to add to the excitement :p

Page last modified 03/03/2005