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h11p: 1K web server for RISC OS

V1.31 (11/06/2006): h11p.zip (6,303 bytes). Should work OK on RISC OS 3 and above, with MimeMap version 0.05 (And whatever the other Internet modules are).

Yes, you read that right. Sure, it doesn't even implement full HTTP/0.9, but it does work quite well in numerous browsers (read: At least 2). It even works on RISC OS 5!


  1. Run obeyfile to check for the MimeMap module and set the servers' document root directory.
  2. Run h11p
  3. Point your favourite web browser at


  • The server should be able to serve any page with an appropriate MimeMap definition.
  • If it can't find a page or encounters any error whatsoever, it will just close the connection instead of returning a 404 (or other error message).
  • Filename translation is hideously simple, just consisting of swapping .'s for /'s and vice-versa.
  • Practically no parsing is performed on the HTTP request - so only simple GET's are likely to work.
  • There are a couple of options in the BASIC source code to control whether 'Server:' headers are sent and to enable the debugging code.

Page last modified 10/07/2006