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!Befunge for RISC OS

V0.92 (03/06/2005): befunge.zip (77,592 bytes) or source code befsrc.zip (83,185 bytes). Suitable for RISC OS 3 and above. Source code can be compiled to run as a console program for non-RISC OS machines (Not extensively tested, but it does still pass the Fungus tests)

My new WIMP Funge-98 interpreter. Should support 99.9% of the official spec, and is 26/32bit neutral. Supports a multitude of options, including:

  • Single-tasking or multi-tasking operation
  • Befunge-93 mode
  • Toggleable funge-98 instruction set support, with individual switches for file access and concurrency
  • Support for unefunge, befunge and trefunge
  • Configurable fungespace size (including unrestricted) and bittyness (8 or 32)
  • Dynamic fingerprint system based around runtime loaded Befunge files
  • Stop, pause, play and single-step execution controls (multi-tasking version only)
  • IP spy window to display the status of each IP (multi-tasking version only)
  • Support for multiple programs loaded at once (multi-tasking version only)
  • Execution breakpoints (multi-tasking version only)
  • Inbuilt editor (multi-tasking version only)
  • Simple trace mode (single-tasking version only)


Page last modified 03/06/2005