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Bob and Trev: Resurrection

7DRL release (17/03/2007): batr.zip (71,269 bytes). Suitable for BBC Model B and above.

Bugfix release (24/03/2007): batrplus.zip (73,095 bytes). Suitable for BBC Model B and above.

Bob and Trev: Resurrection is my first "and a bit" Roguelike, and was an entry in the 2007 7-day roguelike challenge.


View the ReadMe file online.
View the program code online: batrbcx (Crunched game code) batr (Uncrunched game code) dungen (Dungeon data generator)
All documents are from the bugfixed version (Bob and Trev: Resurrection+)
If anyone can produce some nice syntax-coloured, HTML versions of the code then that would be appreciated :)


  • If you're using a BBC emulator, make sure the floppy disc image is set to writable in your emulator options.
  • The name it asks you for at the start is used to create your savefile; this must therefore be a valid filename for whatever filing system you're using. If you're using DFS, the maximum filename length is 7 characters.
  • Pressing Escape will get you killed. Use space to get away from "Eat what?"-style prompts instead :)
  • If you're bumping into something invisible while trying to walk through a doorway, try moving diagonally. There's a bug in the level generator that sometimes places walls directly opposite doors.

Known bugs

  • Monsters will shoot at you even if there's no clear line of sight.
  • The game is too hard :)

For a list of bugs fixed in the bugfixed version (and conversely a list of bugs which will be in the non-bugfixed version) see the readme file.

Gameplay notes

Here's all the stuff that didn't make it into the original readme...


The following weapons are ranged; i.e. you can use the 'F' key to attack monsters more than one square away:

All mice2
102-key keyboard2

The follow weapons can be loaded with ammo and fired:

WeaponAmmo type
All 5.25" floppy drivesAny 5.25" floppy
All 3.5" floppy drivesAny 3.5" floppy
Dot-matrix printersDots
Laserdisc driveLaserdiscs
BBC MicroSelf-guiding nuclear warhead (Scud)
Opple AnorakAny 3.5" floppy

Some items are completely ineffective in hand-to-hand combat, so don't be surprised if you get messages that you're doing pathetic damage.


There are four types of armour: Chest armour (T-shirts, pullovers, jumpers, etc.), badges, coats (Anoraks, trenchcoats), and glasses. You can wear an unlimited number of badges, but only one of each type of other piece of armour at once.

Books and magazines

These are meant to be the 'rare gems' of the game, although I haven't actually checked how much they're worth with respect to some of the other items ;)

Books and magazines come in four states - shrink-wrapped, pristine, worn, and illegible. Illegible items cannot be read at all, while worn items require reading glasses to be worn in order to read them. Reading an item will cause its condition to deteriorate further, which results in a lower score at the end of the game, and less of an effect when read.

Books will provide you with an XP point boost, while magazines will identify dungeon items (starting with those in your inventory, then moving onto other random items in the game). The better condition a book is in when it is read, the better the effects will be.

Other random notes

Wielded weapons hit too hard, and you usually get hungry too quickly. This makes the game very hard. But since I'm only planning on doing bugfix releases, there's not much I can do about that.


These were all taken during development, so aren't entirely up to date. Except for the final one, which was taken just afterwards, and shows exactly how little memory is left spare :)


screenshot  screenshot

screenshot  screenshot


Page last modified 24/03/2007