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V1.03 (17/02/2004): absolutely.zip (6,763 bytes). Suitable for RISC OS 3 and above; might work on RISC OS 2.

A small module which aims to fix a long-standing deficiency in the Wimp's memory handling. No more silly error messages when you load an Absolute file bigger than the Wimpslot, and no more abort on data transfers when there isn't enough memory for AIF files (i.e. C programs) to initialise! Unfortunately it won't let you bypass the ever annoying 'GCC requires a minimum of 3000K' message yet, but I'm hopeful it will be supported soon...

Note that although RISC OS Select users don't get the silly 'No writeable memory at this address' error upon loading a file bigger than the Wimpslot, I think that they are still subject to the AIF loading problems. Source code is included, and it should all work on practically any version of RISC OS :)

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