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Original weapons

(origwep.zip, 2,750,624 bytes)

This mod features all-new weapons, as well as a few other changes to monsters and the environment.


  1. Seldgehammer. Like the axe. Looks like the axe (Couldn't be bothered editing the model). Hurts a bit more when hit, and knocks you around. Oh, it also knocks the weapon out of your opponents hand in DM.
  2. Dart gun. Fires poisonous darts. While they don't do much damage to start off with, leave it too long and you'll be dead. Medkits can heal the poison. Can be used to kill zombies.
  3. Flare gun. Remember Blood? Remember what happened when you used the alt-fire on the flare gun? Now try it in Quake. Unfortunately it won't work underwater.
  4. Chain rocket launcher. This is what happens when you fit your rocket ammo box to the nailgun by mistake. Just don't use it near walls.
  5. Hail gun. Hail to the master of Quake! Your minions will bow before you under the power of this weapon! Just watch that you don't shoot yourself though; the hail is pretty bouncy
  6. Anti-grav grenades. They float to the ceiling, taking anything they hit with them. Still gib on contact with zombies though.
  7. Water cannon. The ultimate crowd controller (Apart from the chain rocket launcher, of course). Also handy for putting out fires.
  8. Gib Ripper. Aim at the enemy and press fire to rip a gib off of them. Catch the gib as it comes towards you and gain their health! Penetrates all known armour, but is impossible to kill someone with it.

Other changes

  • Scrags fire posion now to make the SP game more interesting
  • Fall in lava and get set on fire!
  • Hell knights also fire fire.
  • Water puts out fire, as does hail.

A couple more notes

  • Source code is included for you to mutilate how you see fit
  • I haven't yet put anything in to stop the server overflowing when you continously fire the flare gun at the wall.
  • Some of the death messages are mucked up, but that's because Quake's system was a bit naff.
  • Yes, the chain rocket launcher is WAY too powerful. This mod isn't meant to be balanced, it's meant to be original - if you don't like the rocket launcher then don't use it :p Could make for a few fun deathmatches though ;)
  • The plasma.spr file was shamelessly stolen from AirQuake, I think.

Page last modified 03/03/2005