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(marines.zip, 2,489,640 bytes)

The Marines mod is my attempt to make Quake better than it was, by replacing all the weapons and monsters with much more deadly versions :D

Single player, Coop and deathmatch (Using the built in Frik Bot X's) is supported...


The registered version of Quake, and preferably an improved engine such as Tomaz Quake - a few special effects such as model alpha, coloured lights and the railgun trail are needed to see this mod in its full g(l)ory.


addbotAdds a bot (performs impulse 100)
removebotRemove a bot (impulse 102)
botcamView through the botcam (impulse 103)
useThe 'use' key, although it has no function at the moment (impulse 50)
reloadReloads the ammo clip in the current weapon (impulse 51)
A pair of aliases to perform the alternate fire. Bind a key to '+altfire' and Quake will do the rest. (Impulses 52 & 53)


  1. Axe
    Standard Quake axe.
  2. Pistol
    Each clip holds 15 bullets. Weakest weapon in the game, taking quite a few shots to kill even a lowly grunt. Looks like the shotgun because I couldn't be bothered making a pistol model :p
  3. Double barrel shotgun
    Looks like the standard double barrel shotgun, except this time you can fire either one barrel (normal fire) or both barrels (alt fire). Holds 8 shells at once, and reloads them one at a time to make your life difficult. However it has been given more power, making it quite a handy weapon.
  4. Machine gun
    Looks like a super nailgun (seeing a pattern here yet?), but fires bullets instead. Holds a clip of 50, but if you fire it for too long it'll become quite inaccurate. Alternate fire fires the built in grenade launcher for more destruction.
  5. Rocket launcher
    Yes, the reload is longer but the damage they do has been increased to counteract this.
  6. Plasma cannon
    Fires nice healthy balls of plasma, hot enough to gib a zombie. Just don't fire it while stood too close to a wall.
  7. Railgun
    Easily the most powerful weapon in the game, the railgun does a whopping 2000 damage with each slug, and has a massive kick-back to remind you you're alive. Rapid fire is possible, but the internal power cell takes a while to recharge from your main ammo supply so you can't keep it up for ever. Also firing it at point blank range has been known to cause a few side effects, e.g. gettting ripped to shreds by shrapnel from your foe.
  8. BFG
    Another oldie from Doom, this one is a bit temperamental so make sure there aren't any walls near the line of fire or you may fry yourself.

The monsters

Most of the monsters have been split up into seperate sub-classes, representing a different skill level. Use the temp1 console variable to select how you want to play:

  1. Original monsters, completely unmodified
  2. Random monsters - A probability distribution will decide what skill level each monster will be placed as, based around the skill variable. E.g. if you select easy skill, most monsters will be easy, but there may be a few (e.g. 1 in 100) which are at nightmare skill, so watch out!
  3. Skill based - All the monsters in the level will be mapped to the skill level in the skill variable.

Now for the changes to the monsters themselves:

GruntAt easy skill he's the plain old grunt. At normal he's got a double barrel shotgun.
At hard he's got a machine gun, which can be quite painful once he starts firing.
At nightmare though, he's equipped with a rocket launcher, so watch out!
His health also increases, so don't expect him to be too easy to kill.
EnforcerAt easy skill it's the plain old unmodified enforcer.
At normal skill he's been upgraded to having a plasma cannon, and has a bit more health.
At hard skill he has even more health, and this time a BFG - better watch out!
At nightmare skill though, he has a cloaking device and a railgun - not for the feint hearted.
OgreThe ogre is split into three skill levels. The lowest has a nailgun, the middle the standard grenade launcher, and the highest a rocket launcher, plus double the health so he doesn't kill himself so often. He's also more adept with his chainsaw at higher levels.
ShamblerThe toughest creature in Quake can only get tougher in this mod. Increased speed, damage and health are standard, but watch out for nightmare skill - 15000 health!
Hell Knight
These monsters will generally move faster, do more damage, and have higher health the higher their skill levels are.

Unless I've missed something, any monsters that are unlisted have stayed the same.

Other stuff

The tq_ demos are suitable for use in Tomaz Quake. They may also work in other quake engines if you're lucky.


Mod coding by me.

The code has been gnu'd, since Frik Bot X was gnu to start with.

Railgun sound (and model?) taken from the Quake 1 Arena mod.
Plasma rifle and BFG sounds from the YPOD mod. I guess the models were from there as well, but the sizes don't match up - I must have edited them somehow :|


I've now uploaded some MPG's showing me attempting to complete episode 1 on nightmare skill, using the random monsters setting (temp1 1). Although the monsters were randomised as the level was loaded, each time I died I would reload the same save game (from about a second into the level), so I would eventually get used to which monster is which. On a couple of levels I did get completely stuck, so had to make a new save game with a different monster distribution (i.e. I died and let Quake take care of the rest by reloading the level with my initial guns & ammo). At some point I'll try completing e1m6, but since there are 3 shamblers to get past it might take a while to get a combination that doesn't instagib me. Unfortunately TomazQuake didn't position the weapon view model very well while I was recording these, so you won't be able to see the shotgun at all. I was initially going to do them at 640x480, but I'd have had to increase the bitrate to over twice its current value for them to look any good. I would have just uploaded the demo files, but they'd only be compatible with TomazQuake anyway.

Episodes 2, 3, and 4 may be coming soon™

Page last modified 15/08/2005