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Befunge 'roller' programs

A variation on the troll programs, these roller programs get about by 'rolling' themselves across fungespace. This could make them an interesting option for BefungeWars, or just as curiosities (e.g. making a roller which rot13's any text it runs over).

  • roller1.bf (528 bytes)
    The first roller. It works by copying itself one column at a time to its right, at the same time overwriting the copy of itself on its left (Although as can be seen there is only one copy of the code to start with). There are some simple comments about the code below the program itself.
  • roller2.bf (470 bytes)
    A compressed version of roller1. Could easily get smaller by better use of the stack as temporary storage.
  • roller3.bf (677 bytes)
    An 'eco-friendly' roller; i.e. it doesn't destroy any of the data it goes over. Instead the data is transposed to the left side of the roller, as can be seen by running the program.

At some point I might try a roller program which can change direction, or one which doesn't rely on having three copies of the program present (One to overwrite, one to run, and one to write).

Page last modified 03/03/2005