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Befunge-98-to-almost-anything compiler, written in Befunge-98

V2.01 (17/10/2003): befc2.zip (19,437 bytes)

This is a newer compiler, developed from the original prolog version. It still doesn't support self-modifying code, it won't perform any optimisations, it doesn't implement the x or j instructions, and no instructions return will errors, but it should produce some nice ANSI C code. It's also capable of compiling itself, so isn't entirely useless.

For those of you who tried 2.00, you'll now be pleased to hear that mod_c98.h will no longer crash the program (or at least cause a nasty error) if you try popping a value from a newly created stack. And for people without an interpreter to compile befc on, I've uploaded a copy of the code produced when befc compiles itself (With the mod_c98 module loaded) - befc98.zip (17,495 bytes). You'll still need b2c98.h from the main archive though.

Page last modified 03/03/2005