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VNC server

V0.21 (2/5/2020): vnc_serv.zip (169,144 bytes). Suitable for RISC OS 3.5 and above, ARMv3-ARMv8

This is Hernik Bjerregaard Pedersen's VNC server with improvements added by Crispian Daniels, David Llewellyn-Jones, and now myself.

Changes made to this version, compared to the previous:

  • Improved scroll wheel handling; horizontal scrolling is now supported, and scroll events will now prefer to send the events to the OS's WindowScroll module (only falling back to manual scrolling if WindowScroll isn't present)
  • Improved mouse cursor image handling - in most situations the server should now send a cursor image/shape to the client as soon as the client connects, instead of (e.g.) requiring the user to click on an empty area of the pinboard to trigger a shape change
Full source is included.

Page last modified 02/05/2020